Diseño de producto, Diseño industrial, Hardware, Branding


Electrónicos, Productos de consumo

Electronics, Product



Create a microserver that stands out from the existing ones in the market and that at the same time the users can intervene its components.

The essence of the brand is technological innovation. The company is developing a line of different products around the connectivity and portability of information.

Within the research we separate existing brands in the market by their profile (serious and technical vs. young and disruptive).

Under these premises we create a happy brand but at the same time it would be in what it does. The character of the shapes and colors that we proposed are fresh, dynamic and flexible, in order to adapt to different products and applications.


The trend in devices for the home is to have a neutral presence to blend in with the spaces. They are status articles without being pretentious. For this reason a portable piece was created and at the same time can be stackable and scale its capacity with more devices. The oval shape looks to get out of the traditional information storage boxes to be something iconic.


Within the premises of our client is the culture “open source hacker” that are users who like to make improvements and updates to existing devices. For this reason we created two halves joined by a flexible ring that when opened as a “shell” users can work on both the card and the hard disk exchanging components.


An iconic device, with easy access to its internal components, stackable and easy to connect with other micro servers of the same brand.


Diseño de producto, Diseño industrial, Hardware, Branding


Electrónicos, Productos de consumo

Electronics, Product