Diseño industrial, producto, display


Diseño de producto, display

Display, Product


Condiment Packet Display

A display for refillable sugar envelopes, with a simple form and at the same time with personality.

A simple solution for your daily use. Considering easy filling, product display and brand presence.


Restaurants, self-services, coffee shops and fast foods are spaces where brand presence is crucial.

That is why it is necessary to explore new ways of exhibiting the product in a way that represents the brand and is easily recognizable without leaving aside its functionality.

Creating a piece that is integrated into different contexts is part of the challenge. A sachette dispenser that lives with the user.


A curved silhouette that helps guide the envelopes towards the center and that can be opened easily for filling is the key to the project.

ABS and Styrene Cristal were considered as materials since these materials have the characteristic of being very transparent and when containing the product they can be appreciated inside, the fact of being transparent helps the product to coexist with different elements on which be available.

Injection by mold can provide very bright textures to give detailed and clean appearance. These plastics also allow to be colored without losing their translucency, a color representative of the brand is recommended.


The proposal is based on the idea of ​​the horizontal arrangement of the sweetener envelopes, in which these can be taken by both sides of the product. In both proposals changes the size for advertising or the logo, being the largest of 80x42mm and the boy of 50x 15 mm.

Both are composed of three parts and store about 30 envelopes of the product.


Diseño industrial, producto, display


Diseño de producto, display

Display, Product