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branding, packaging

Branding, graphic design, Packaging


CULTO I Mexican Chocolate & Cacao

Graphic identity and packaging design for a brand of cocoa products.

The identity is adapted to digital and printed media and cover different packaging so that the brand is congruent in each medium in which it is applied.

Culto is a Mexican company dedicated to the conservation of cocoa. Creators of products based on cocoa, which are healthy and sustainable.


60% & 70% de cacao


Powdered cacao


Sweetened with honey

The result is a graphic system for the products, where all the elements are presented in an attractive way and with elements arranged according to their importance in a package that highlights the product. Thanks to the graphic system, the packaging and the information in these can be adapted to a wide variety of mixtures of flavors and ranges of products derived from cocoa, creating a versatile and congruent graphic identity in all the media in which it is applied.

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Graphic Design


branding, packaging

Branding, graphic design, Packaging