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Aura sanitation station

Multifunctional sanitation station for access control

In times of pandemic, the most important are sanitation measures in public through preventive means,

therefore, together with Duco Lab, we develop a multifunctional sanitation station for access control.

The station is designed to be personalized either with a 20″ LED screen for advertising reproduction,
15″ trovicel sheets or simply leave it clean for the sanitizer.

The station has a K3 infrared thermometer with temperature display,

on top and in the middle part a Smart foam or gel dispenser.

It has a lockable plate to avoid alterations in the product

and a maintenance door for authorized personnel.

Aura station is versatile, discreet and lightweight to adapt to various contexts.

It comes in three colors: light gray, bright blue and pure black, which have a glossy finish

that contrasts with the white center in a matte finish.

It can be located in shopping centers, airports, train and bus stations, among many others.

General dimensions.


Industrial Design


industrial design, product design

Product, Technology