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UVC I Money Sanitizer

Sanitizing device using far-UVC light

Emerging economies rely heavily on cash transactions that happen between B2C, B2B and C2C. In order for customers and patrons to safely use coins and bills and get the economy back to  the new normal, a solution was much needed. 

Safe transactions to prevent contagion.

On the upper surface a digital display signals a countdown of 15 seconds for the customer to know when to remove the money from the tray.


This device has an upper and lower surface of UVC LED lamps that emit light evenly on both sides of coins and bills reducing substantially the risk of infection.

A polycarbonate filter around the upper edge works as a visual screen so the customer can look at the device safely when placing and removing the money.

Detachable and customizable device through magnetized assemblies.

Safety in department stores, convenience stores and supermarkets.

USB universal plug.

Design process.


Industrial Design


industrial design, product design, social

Product, Social