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HUG Working Lounge

Adaptable private working spaces

Creating a private working space which can be flexible and dynamic was the key idea behind HUG Working Lounge

The main innovation resides in its modularity and the versatility of each symmetric piece which can be placed anywhere along the structure.

Another great advantage is the small amount of different pieces needed for mass production. 

Assembling process.

Each section can be personalized with different accesories and finishes.

The assembly system of the panels consists of small plastic parts that are hooked to the main structure.

The central module can be adapted to the way of working of multi-disciplinary teams

Each module can grow and connect with other modules, generating different environments.

You can use blackboard or cork panels in order to boost creativity for meetings with colleagues.

 In the inner sections you can use lumbar support panels as a backrest for comfort.

There are also other accessories that can be attached to the upper main structure such as planters, shelves, lamps and privacy screens.

The table can adjust height and rotate for maximum performance.

The sofas have extra storage space underneath for large objects.


The power unit hosts the inductive charging an conventional station for all the electronic components. .



Industrial Design


industrial design, product design

Furniture, Product