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LATUS I Coat Rack

Coat rack that can be produced in any length, thanks to the technology of extrusion, allowing the user to place the number of hooks needed depending on the context.

Coat racks have been part of our homes for centuries. They are pieces that receive our belongings and those of our guests each time we enter a house. The variety of objects that we carry and that we can put in them are almost unlimited. From clothes, hats, umbrellas, keys, accessories, etc. The dimensions and quantities of the objects we hang on them vary depending on the users and family members. That’s why we wanted to rethink this classic piece.



Custom Length


Available in different finishes

Taking advantage of industrial production processes of high quality and precision such as metal extrusion, which allows us to manufacture them in almost unlimited lengths to adapt to each context. Allowing us to integrate it into all spaces where the same people carry their belongings or require storage and order on the walls.

The result is two equilateral triangles that are extruded in aluminum in an industrial way, allowing us to generate different products with the same mold depending on market requirements. A die produces the hooks that come out in one piece and are cut into slices while the profile of the rail is extruded in different lengths depending on the market.

The hooks slide on the rail allowing you to buy more throughout its life as the needs grow.

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Industrial Design


industrial design, product design

Furniture, Innovation, Product